TinkerTar is NOW AVAILABLE at Amazon, Target, and Walmart!

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TinkerTar and creator Brian Calhoun were recently on Good Morning America to talk about our favorite one string guitar:
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The Tinkertar method

Why just 1 string? Because 2 strings
are too many!

• 1 string is perfect for little fingers!
• 1 string makes learning an instrument easy and fun!
• 1 string makes playing melodies a snap!
• 1 string means the TinkerTar is always in tune with itself!
TinkerTar is created by Rockbridge Guitar Co-Founder Brian Calhoun and developed by musicians.

Choose your style

With a variety of playful designs, your little one can have a guitar as unique as their personality!

Tinkertar Features

Music Book

Every guitar comes with 12 kid-friendly songs,so you can play today!

Responsibly Sourced

The wood for the guitars and the paper packaging are FSC certified!


The accessories bag includes a guitar strap and two extra strings!

The tinkertar story

Learn how Rockbridge Guitar Company co-founder, Brian Calhoun, came up with the idea for TinkerTar and how his experience as a guitarist, teacher and guitar maker shaped these one-string wonders!

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